Benefits of e-commerce for the small business online store

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Benefits of e-commerce for the small business online store



It is becoming easier to set up an online store for any type of business, regardless of the resources that the company has. If until a few years ago it was an obligation to have a presence on the Internet through a website, then participate in the conversation on social networks, today, if the business is to sell products or services, the jump to e-commerce, from the Control of your own online store is essential for growth. Although, just having an online store is not the goal behind this trend. For that reason, here are some of the benefits of creating an Internet store.


Advantages of e-commerce for small businesses


1) Store open full time



Thanks to the automation of the tasks of processing purchase requests, means of payment, and the display of products through an Internet website, online stores allow the business to be available 7 days a week, 24 hours, all year. Something very difficult to do in the physical version, due to the high costs that this implies.


2) Automatic processing of purchase requests



Once the customer has chosen your product and accepted the purchase conditions and the proposed price, the request is managed automatically, starting the purchase process, without waiting for it to be approved by an employee. The customer knows that his product has already started on the way to its receiving place. It also has a benefit for the seller, since he knows that he will have his money in his account.


3) Increase in sales



Although it seems obvious that if there is one more sales channel, these tend to increase, a well-optimized and promoted dedicated e-commerce website increases sales and does so drastically. Some specialist studies indicate that this happens by 250% on average. Especially for the ease of reaching the target audience: emails, PPC campaigns, SEO, social media marketing, etc.


4) A magnet for compulsive shoppers



Quickly choosing a product and paying just as quickly means that buyers who do not hold their impulses do not resist a good offer or significant discounts.


5) Increased business scope



E-commerce enables small local businesses especially to increase their reach. On the Internet, there are no limits, anyone with access to the network has the possibility of finding the online store, from anywhere in the world. For that reason, the e-commerce platform chosen for the creation of the online store must support several languages, international means of payment, calculation of shipping costs to the whole world, among other issues.

Without a doubt, entering the world of e-commerce is very beneficial for small businesses. The platforms designed for the creation of virtual stores are easy to configure, with benefits almost instantly. Just as many companies suffered for not having a modern website according to people's needs, while their competition did, having an online store is already mandatory for any business.

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Published: 29/05/2024




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